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Hakusan Oyado


Japanese Bed & Breakfast

Guest House

Due to the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on January 1, we are currently suspending lodging at our ryokan for a while.

Oyadosakai is strengthening our cleaning methods in order to raise the hygiene of our Guest House to help protect against infectious diseases such as the current corona virus.

Considering the health and safety of our guests and public health, we have implemented and strengthened the following initiatives:


・ We wipe off doorknobs, desks, chairs, counters, slippers, etc. with a disinfectant (alcohol, karaseed).

・ In our guest rooms, we use a disinfectant such as alcohol to wipe off light switches and other places.

・ Masks are provided for the staff.

・ Staff will gargle and wash hands before work, as well as continuously wash hands throughout the day.

・Thorough ventilation is provided during the day.

・ We are replacing linen and towels.


In other places as well, we are making sure to use disinfectants to thoroughly clean all areas of our Guest House.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Japanese Bed & Beakfast

SAKAI is the small guesthouse Ryokan which renovated the old traditional Japanese house in TSURUGI, ISHIKAWA Japan. 
There is no private bathroom/toilet and you need to share bathroom and toilet with other guests. 

I hope you enjoy your stay with natural way to be in traditional house and rhythm with the four seasons.


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When my father was alive, he loves drawing SUMIE (black ink painting) of our hometown landscape. By expressing Zen culture throughout monochrome arts, his paintings can even interact with viewers’ feelings. Not like other kinds of art with overlay of colors and brushes, the beauty of SUMIE, inspired by Calligraphy, lies in the different shades created by one brush only.

If you ever come to enjoy the amazing scenery of Hakusan, please give us a chance to welcome you at our small guesthouse gallery.

What you do

Taking a short walk from our guesthouse is the mystically beautiful Hakusan Hime Shrine. You can enjoy stunning stone steps leading to the shine, listening to the waterfall’s sound and birds singing under the shade of 1000-year-old trees. The peaceful atmosphere of the pathway, which changes every season, will bring you some unforgettable experiences.

It takes around 30 minutes walking from station. However, if you have reservation, we will arrange to pick you up and send you off.

There is also Rental Bike Service in front of the Town Hall (Public Office) near station so that you can vary your options.

Our guesthouse is a traditional Japanese-style guesthouse. Our guests take off their shoes at the entrance, sleeping on Futon in a Japanese tatami mat room. We have shared toilets and bathrooms; however, use area of men and women are separated.

Rooms are reservable.

ONIGIRI(rice balls) Breakfast is JPY500. You can take away some rice balls, too 

SHARE Toilet
Bike Rental
SHARE  Shower

At lunchtime, SAKAI is a soba restaurant. All are handmade and made from local ingredients and will surely satisfy your taste buds.





Japanese Pickles



Onsen Egg



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